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Like many of his films, this one contains a few unexpected moments of violence, and the sex scenes are sometimes laced with a mean-spirited edge, but it is all part of the fantasy, and this director apparently understood that there can be no light without darkness.

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The princeton review, a set of terribly flawed university rankings which, nonetheless, inform the public by and large of the microcosmic culture of american higher education, released its 2013 rankings yesterday.

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There are public text-based chatrooms, with topics including video game lovers and porno groupies. As kink's publicist told me, this is porn for the 1 percent. However, lesbian and bisexual women report higher rates of depression and anxiety than other women do. It all depends on the school. "if we can find her head, we can at least give her peace," he would explain to the white settlers, who ridiculed the notion of ghosts hovering about, searching for lost body parts.

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